Character “edition” set bonuses


Not sure if it has been raised before but as a suggestion, why not introduce set bonuses for teams made up of all characters from a specific set/edition (the little title under their name)

So for example if my team is made up of all “No Time Left” characters my team gets a defence bonus or crit chance bonus or something like that.

Sort of like leader bonus.

You could even work it like mods where part sets provide a slightly lesser bonus.

Could be a way to bring relevance to the non 6* characters that folks have kicking around?


That sounds good on paper but if character progression was like Galaxy of Heroes, it would be better. Realistically, it’s more likely to bomb because for some, there would be less than 5 toons from the same arc and in terms of MTS, it’s a mix of rarity. Scopely would probably make several legendary toons to go with others but they would promos. If they already exist, they’ll be on the legacy list for months, even a year, before their legendary version is released because it’s all about how much money you can make now to Scipely. Maybe in a different universe where this game is ran by carrying developers who know how to take million dollar ideas but not in this one. Sorry.


For example a new threat or rise to power


5x Andrea ftw


Can’t wait to assemble all my “road to survival” edition characters. Oh wait…


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