Character Disassemble

Just a suggestion. How would people feel about being able to disassemble toons?
I dont know about you guys but i have a lot of maxed 6 stars that i will never use, if we could disassemble at a cost (wood or food or toons or even coins) and return say 75% of gears used to max said toon i think this would be very helpful.


Reading that, and with your name being Gannicus, I have other thoughts when writing about disassembling toons that might not be of the liking of everyone… not posting meme as it will be too graphic :smiley:


I like the idea :+1:t3:

:+1:t3: Good idea!

So to make it clear: You want to disamble Toons…

Disamble Toons.

I know this TWD, but that really sounds a bit too Graphic, even for that, you sicko :smirk:

Gotta keep surviving somehow and if that means taking apart some poor mofo. So be it


Yes please and maybe get back some lilths also lol @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely take it to the teeeeeaaam!

You can use a 6* to upgrade a 6* and it works the same as a Lillith. So, they kinda did give you a Lillith in a way.

Cmon, the bottleneck was created for a reason and you are proposing a solution that would be counterproductive to that. Getting back Lilliths will also be preposterous in the eyes of Scopley and their accountants.

(It is a very good idea though.)

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In the same realm of suggestion, how about craftable gear? We have had museum events where we collected scraps to “assemble” bits of gear. Utilize the same concept. Instead of selling gear for food, let it be broken down for ingredients like the weapons are. That way, if you need sports gloves or double holsters, you have a chance at creating the gear instead of buying or winning it.

I know that is counterproductive to Scopely greed, but seems the mechanics are there to develop something like this, and I bet people hungry for gear would still spend, even if crafting was an option…

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Even at 50% I’d disassemble quite a few

To be honest why would i want to do it. You need to know who you want to ascend.

Make a Frankenstein toon! Rick’s head, Glenn’s legs, Andrea’s arms.

People ascended old toons back when they were relevant. Now that they aren’t, there should be an option to get rid of them while benefitting you a decent amount. Don’t do it if you don’t wanna do it, but there should be an option to.

Do you mean dismember?

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Nope i dont condone removing “members”

But this game condom either cannibalism or being a human caterpillar. So why not?


That could work. A new building for thé bit of the town never finished.

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