Character dies has to lose all DA

Character dies has to lose all DA.
I do not know if there was any suggestion of this type but I’m sure if there was this change in the skill of the character, it would be a bit more balanced.

When the character is reviving, he returns using the adrenaline or rush of the character. Where the player makes a team that only revives other characters and only one remains, it is enough to revive one, to revive another, to revive another, and to revive the entire team.

If there was such a change, the resurrected character will not have AD to revive another. In contrast, would have another possibility of creating character ability that, when relived, would gain 20/50/100% DA, for example.

If the developers appreciate my idea, I would like to have 12 prestige in the game and more gold!


Well it’s a shame they don’t like the idea. But don’t worry, I’ll take it to the team!

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kappa in the chat

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Ap down mods best mods in the game.This would help you with that loop revive crap .I mean if you could get some.

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