Character Design

I am waiting for this kind of Princess ever since she debuted in the comics and in RTS. Now I am glad that we get to see Princess with her gun now.

But I am just curious…why that design though? You could have made her more decent enough imo. You know she is “stylish” in the comics and seeing this… and those ears as well. I am sorry, but they look like elf ears to me. Lol Hoping this is not the upcoming S class and if so we hope that this is a good addition to our teams. Thanks.

I believe they are trying to go for a more Christmas like design

She’s gonna be a seasonal toon. Like Erika, Santa Jesus, Santa hat Michonne, etc.

Upon closer look at the design…they are trying. But it is not necessary, imo anyways, for them to make it look like a Christmas elf or something. Look at the Winter editions we have they are good designs. What will we expect a Bruce as Santa Clause. Lol

Give me S-class Santa Axel


Now that would be awesome axel doesn’t get enough appreciation !

On the other hand we have Sheila looking like macho ma’am x south park Sheila her self
… Take it away cartman


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