Character confused

I’m right in thinking when a toon is hit with confuse the character or characters can’t use there AR ability on the opposite team.
During this cross over war this has happened on a number of occasions. It seems that it has happened against RU regions. Not saying there’s any cheating going on but I’m a little confused. (Perhaps it’s been me who’s been hit by confuse lol)

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Ive seen the same issue. Also Zeke’s gaurdian not being removed from toons after hit. They take damage but are immune to stun and impair. But that was only vs the top 2 factions in our region. Seen 1 coosa faction that one player had all premier toons and all the bought weapons. Not one crafted weapon. He was prestige 13 so to say he bought VK weapons i cant say why no names are mentioned. But there has been signs of wide spred cheating. People get frustrated with RNG determing everything and resort to cheating to win on an APP game. Its sad how far people go to win. So much poor character out there.


Pay attention to concentrate skill which some characters have. E.g.: Maggie with a sawed-off shotgun or Ttg Kate

Focus negates confuse so if fighting a team with a focus character and they use focus confuse will not work until the focus ends.

Widespread is an understatement. Seen stunned toons use their AR when fighting top factions. Only seems to be the factions that have perfect weapons and toons. A VK hack?

Not all are VK hacks its a proven fact that RNG favors whales and whale regions. FTP has to get lucky with a large amount of attempts. After all its not the advertising thats makes them money its the players dropping house and car payments that are the real treasury of Scopley.