Character changes with 9.2

I was just wondering if we can get a list of what characters were changed with the new update. So far I’m only tracking “A Larger World” Michonne’s visual changes and “No Way Out” Spencer’s change removing Cutthroat as specialist skill and adding the +30% Def/+24% Crit Leader Skill. Were there any others?

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3* Rick “a new beginning” got changed completely. Look in the basic tokens

Spencer shouldn’t have changed… I’ll look into that.

Only visual changes should’ve happened to support some animation mechanical backend cleanup

No change for Spencer here

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Can also confirm Spencer hasn’t changed

Could you explain for the simple minded (me)
Interested to know why changes happened.

Love to have the old toons more in scale.
Just look at 4* Abe and Rosita.

Noooo. We welcomed the change

Why did you guys change Spencer back to cutthroat? Personally, i prefer him with the leadership skill of 24 crit and 30 def instead more, as with cutthroat his ar only last one round and blue crit leaders are rare.

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Agreed. Especially since 5* characters are losing so much usability as 6* characters are being implemented. Having those types of lead skills even increase the necessity of using those over 6* characters.


As he currently is I would have used him as a Benedict by now had he not been a unique reward toon

overlapping character data got mistakenly applied to some regions. he was never intended to change from what he released as.

If we do change old characters functionalities intentionally, it will be either under the hood bugfixes that the actual effect doesnt match the description, or it will be something visible but with clearly communication about the change. Not a stealth update swapping out skills.

Not sure the exact details from the stuff I work with. I know Michonne’s height caused problems with something and old Rick’s SMG stance was shared with Pistol for some reason. I believe one of the animators mentioned something about the animation skeleton bones/meshes getting standardized on the backend to clean up a lot of redundant data bloat, but again, i’m not sure on the specifics