Character Catalogue



Recently I’ve noticed there have been tons of characters I never knew of and I may never get like 5* Davie for example, and I know not everyone installs TWD: RTS to collect unique characters and rather to have fun, but one of the main reasons I got this game was for collecting all these unique characters.
So let me cut to my suggestion; a character catalog of sort. Something like a Pokedex from Pokemon for example. If you install this not only will this help collectors like me see what characters there are to get from rewards & recruits, it would be impressive to show all of the characters Scopley’s team has been able to make. Also, you can make something like this for weapons too, but I’m not sure if anyone would check that out.


I knew many characters only throught the Wiki, but it hasen’t been updated since a while.


Yeah :frowning:


I’m also a collector and would greatly appreciate that type of database, especially now that everyone is picking weird characters to use as their avatars.
One of the higher-ups in my region has a 4 star tough woman named Farah wearing a hijab and it’s driving me insane because I can’t find any trace of her anywhere. Not in the wheels, not on the wiki, not on world stages, nowhere. It’s bothering me way more than it should.


I have the 3* from legendary training.


Oh shoot, you right! I double checked the updated pull pool and she’s there. Well that’s 1 mystery solved. Now I’m off to find out where 3 star Oscar and 3 star Earl Sutton come from!


3Earl sutton also new from training. 3Oscar is new in supply depot.


Listen up yo…This is a competive battle strategy game based around been as competive as ya can in a good fac all for one and one for all bud…It ain’t about trying to catch em all like pokeman, nor are toons downloaded on a server ain’t ever gonna be a baseball card collection… But hey ho