Character Backstories: Shawn :strong:

Location: Southern, California.
Occupation: Head-Senior-Lead Game designer and artist for Scopely.

Prior to the outbreak, Shawn worked as a game designer. Designing mobile apps. He was a very successful young man heading for greatness and was already very very successful. He would work hard improving a little zombie game known as Road To Survival which he enjoyed doing however one day all would change.

A news report ran across his iPhone about an outbreak of a new type of flu and the CDC has warned people to stay indoors. Shawn, thinking back to the zombie game knows this is serious so he quickly leaves out east to Mercury, Nevada where he plans to hide out in his luxury mountain cabin stock full of survival stuff such as food.

Post- Apocyles:
Location: Mercury, Nevada
As the months past Shawn, stopped hearing updates on his radio, phone and 3Meter TV with 4K display. Being a smart man he knew the grid has fallen.

18 months after the outbreak Shawn has run low on food. Mapping out the locations of the state he knew he would have to head north where it’s more rural and thus the best chance of his survival. He grabbed his Ax and his bucket. He drives North.

40 miles later he comes into a small down he sees a walker and asks him which bucket does he want to be in before putting it down. Than suddenly more walkers come. he says ‘i don’t have enough buckets’ He runs in to a store where he gathers food. He huckers down and lets the walkers pass. days pass and the walkers are gunned down out of the smoke comes Sergio and Sergio tells Shawk’ it’s been a while shawn you’re wanted by him’ Shawk confused askes who ? Sergio tells him he knows and the must find Kali. Shawn agrees the 2 gather food and more buckets and leave for points east on the hunt of Kali/Naya.
Is this story line fitting for shane ?

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should i make a part two ?

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  • NO!

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Who is the man behind Sergio hunting down Shawn and the beloved Kali

  • Tucker :spades:
  • JB :heart:
  • GB :slight_smile:

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Nobody wants garbage ass stories about scamplays employees


It may not be your thing but you don’t need to trash Naruto for it.


You ask if story right for Shane at end? Is that right?

somebody needs a hug i think. I’m bored is all.



Give me hard

If this ends with all of them being eaten by walkers I’m ok with it. Otherwise its a let down.


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Its stories of rts characters, i want these stories, in fact i asked OP for more of these.

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we should ask scopley do some more they did it for like 3 weeks than dropped the bucket


nah, sorry i’m gay, but i will still give you a hug

Im gay too, EFWSDC

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To me, this was pretty damn funny lol. A part two of this wouldn’t hurt :+1:


Actual backstory Shawn gets discovered by the wanderer whnw running from scopley and he gets thrown up onto a walker pit
By the wanderer
For putting us in this damm buggy apocalypse
Just jokes we can’t kill the scopley employees because we don’t know who made gator

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no spoilers Wanderer is actually the real hero

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Then he sues overkill for legal reasons

sue them for making a poopy game that was put on hold for 3 extra years. Also the wanderer from the game is the same one from RTS i believe.