Character Backstories: Sawyer

Seeing as we’re all bummed out. Let’s perk up with some fanfic and think about character’s life before and after the outbreak. I’ll start with Sawyer.

** Pre-Apocalypse**
Rural Texas.
Before the outbreak Sawyer was a poor butcher living with his family and worked as butcher. One day a group of hippie college students broken into their land. Sawyer took it up himself along with his brother to fend them off thinking they were sale agents and killed all but one them. As the days past the towns folk got sick of their bloody past and token it upon bring down justice for their victims. One night they stormed Saywer’s house killing all but Saywer who had fled. into the planes as weeks past things have calmed down.

** Post-Apocalypse**
Sawyer returning to his house finds his family and the town folk as undead walkers. He almost gets bit but grabs a meat hook from his truck and rammed into a walkers chest but the walker however, it didn’t die Sawyer freaked out at this point ran into his barn for his chain saw tripping over a with no legs and gashes his eye on a pitchfork(giving him his scar). Bleeding he crawls over to his chainsaw with the walker closing on him he turns it on and puts it thru his head. Seeing it didn’t get back up Saywer reasons it’s the only way to stop them. He raises the chain saw over his head and yells a battle cry and rushes into battle slaying all undead membes of his family and the town folk. Some of which had bite marks some had bullet wounds. Saywer might not be sharpest knife in the kit but he figures whatever this is we’re all infected

As the years pass Saywer becomes more sociopathic and a cannible and later formers a few groups. Most of which either ending with all of them dying or betraying him. Including one his friends, Charlie, who left Saywer in order to go to North Carolina in order to find his family. Sawyer finaly found some peace joining up with a convoy in Texas and is now devouted to helping people and helping Aletha film.

That’s all i can think of for Sawyer seeing as he’s clearly Leatherface it might make sense. Charlie is the Yellow Charlie who became a hunter along with Chris. Who later went on to eat Dale’s leg.

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Ps forgive my HORRIBLE grammar.

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I never saw him like a psycho


look at his 6* design

No in the messenger story swayer appears ijn a slaughterhouse and he’s revealed to be cannibal
He puts you in cage cuz you touched his meat


I like this and would like to see more fan fic but make them longer lol

I now realise how out of that context this may sound… Sandy touches meat on a meat hook
Not sandy touching sawyers ya know

Sandy from the game ?

Very good idea, I would like to see more of these in the future :slight_smile:

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