Changing territories to add a food generator


You should change areas like whisperer’s base and other areas like this one that generates more wood and change it to areas that generate more food. Since the release of the 6* and the ascending toons that has bin a massive food shortage in multipule older regions one being Madison as well in many others. This would not only help solve the problem of the food shortage but give us another are in territories that are worth actually obtaining. Especially if ur not going to listen to our pleas to increase the food out put at the very least u could do something like this because let’s face it no one needs an area that produces more wood @kalishane please take this to the game developers because the food shortage is really getting to a point that it’s making the game in fun anymore because if we want to keep up we have to farm 24/7 and it’s starting to feel like a job rather than a game


but then how else would they be able to market those, oh so good food offers? $copely