Changing Regions


I know I’ve already asked you @kalishane, but I want now to make it formal and also get any feedback from others on their opinions.

Basically me and the missus started playing before we knew or realised about regions, so we ended up in different regions. On top of that, my missus can only choose 1 region, she doesn’t even have my region, or any others for that matter, in her list.

So my question is, will region changes ever be allowed? Has it been spoken about at Scopely’s secret meetings? If so what was the outcome? If not, can it be brought up in an upcoming secret meeting please?

Thanks, keep on surDYING! (I had to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I think new players get locked into a new region for some time. I am under the impression that it will unlock for them and they can switch to any region after a few months.


There’s been some talk on here, I think from kalishane, about possibly being able to port your full game, with roster, weapons etc into a new region as a future feature. I presume it’s a way to address players stuck in dead regions, and would be a one time deal, but time will tell


I am sure if they have it it will be a paid service. Like they have in games like world of Warcraft.


This would be amazing, but no-one in my region are getting their hopes up :frowning: we’re down to about 50 daily players, and about 30 more that jump on every now and then.