Changes you want to see


Besides rewards, what are some small changes that scoeply can make that would help improve the game play?

If auto farming isn’t implemeted, I would appreciate the xp map changed from walkers to humans :slight_smile: That would cut out on some time.


I would like to see the workshop and rescue weekly missions replaced by elite gear and ultra gear maps. That way the t3 and t4 legendary gear maps can be thrown out once a month each.

Also how bout making the xp roadmap reduced to one day and have an ascendence medal roadmap.

I think everyone could be super happy with this.

  1. A revamped Supply Depot (Put more useful epics, more useful gear, more weapons, duct tape, polishing kits, war refills, a bigger supply of ascendance medals)

  2. Revamped War Crates (If the depot is updated, bigger amounts of depot tokens. Also, put ascendance medals and war refills in there. Give more of an even chance to pull everything)

  3. Update the 4-star wheel (4 stars are already useless, might as well put all of them in there)

  4. Create a system where if someone has 20k five star tokens saved up, they can get a guaranteed ascendable toon or a 5 star that is still relevant

  5. Take out stupid 1-star weapons from the basic token wheel. Tokens should give primarily toons out, which will give it value for level up events.

  6. Create new Scavenger missions with more useful rewards

  7. Revamp the 30 day pass reward crate (Better toons)

  8. Merge inactive regions together and allow players to switch their primary account to a different region.

  9. More museum collections

  10. More world map stages

  11. Create a method to convert materials(wood) into food. Many players no longer have any use for wood anymore.

  12. Stop censoring our cussing in chat. The game has cussing built into it, why censor us?

  13. Let us buy multiple ascendance crates from the Survival Market at the same time (Maybe 3 per day instead of 1)

  14. Include a way to buy Benedicts (Depot)


Thanks for this!

I’ve combed through all the other Suggestions / Feedback posts!

Will gladly enter in these as well. :slight_smile:


The rescue mission is useful for level tournaments. Honestly they could combine the common gear and rare gear on one map and have the other space used for elite rare gear. When legendary gear map becomes a thing run it with ultra rare gear. Some players like the xp map for 2 days as level up rewards (duct tape, polishing kits, 5* tokens, coins are great rewards for basically farming ) however material road map is pretty useless as u get wood for everything and constantly have no use for it. I realize it takes time for things to happen but focusing on the smaller issues first would burn half the issues in game and keep the players a lot calmer when mistake are made or things arent up to par. @kalishane I’ve pmed u 2x no response maybe I’ll get something here… (small things go a long ways)


Theirs a lot of things that people would like change but I feel the three most important ones are

  1. Make event rewards relevant to what people actually need. War especially was usually a well desired, new, usable 5* character as the top prize. Now that 5* are literally useless with the arrival of 6* the rewards should remain on par and be a 6*, not tokens. The 5* tokens are only good for feeding for ascendence. For war it really should be a new 6* and not something as useless as 5* tokens.

  2. Scopely needs to really address the cheaters that are destroying the competition in the game. When their are factions that have obvious cheaters and are literally stealing rewards from those who put in real time and money. It’s not fair to those who play legitimately.

3 Take care of your players, dying regions have been an issue for far too long. Merge dying regions with regions of the same age. The solution of just starting over in a different region is absurd, theirs thousands of hours, premier purchases, and weapons that have money and time invested in. People aren’t willing to start over but if you give them activity and competition by merging, you will keep loyal players who spend money on the game.

The list does go on, but it’s a lot of little things, the major issues should be addressed first. Asking for everything for free is unrealistic, so is making everything available for little effort.


Older players are tired of 5* tokens but newer players like me are still very much in need of them. It seems like the people who want and need them the most have the least chance to get them. Suggestion - make 5* tokens farmable in world stages, war crates, raid drops or a road map… Could also be useful in lower level milestones for solo tournaments. @kalishane


I’d like to see some limited streak breaking with the weapon mods.

All 5 of my team got stunned in one turn, attacking one toon during CRW. Also, today in SR absolute defence triggered about 8 times in a row.

I don’t want the overall chances reduced, just a more even distribution of activations.



I think each individual hit has an independent chance of activation, theirs times when each hit is stun and then theirs times when theirs none. It has not increased and shouldn’t change.

I do understand that newer players want the 5* tokens but it took so many months of daily play to get 10k 5* tokens and now they are given away so frequently that their value has seriously gone down. Many of the first place rewards won in previous wars were extremely desirable, now they are just horrible. The top 3 factions are supposed to get the good rewards and first place should be significantly better, 20k 5* tokens is just crap. I’m in a 3rd ranking faction, and I truly feel for those that invest so much time to win first. Resulting in a reward that is pretty much equal to that of a 4* before legendary came out.

Make the rewards desirable and unique. A few pulls from 5* tokens is an insult for a top 3 and especially first place reward. The 6* are what the 5* used to be, so prizes should be nothing but 6* relevant, and not totally useless. Give us something to fight and push for.

Show some loyalty to your customer base and address the dying regions. Bring life to the players in dying regions and merge them with similar regions so they don’t lose all the time and money invested into those accounts. And you maintain a loyal customer

Be more diligent in kicking out and banning accounts which are obviously cheaters, they are literally stealing from your real customers.


Hi Jlag! I’m sorry! I missed your first message, must’ve had to click away for something!

I will get to you and the newest one by the end of today!


See my suggestion for calendar post


I know how stun weapons work. I know it hasn’t changed. Maybe read a post before making remarks about it. I’m happy with the average odds at the moment. I was not, and am not asking for the average odds to change.

I am merely suggesting streak breaking. For example, if a weapon procs 3-4 times in a row, the next time it can’t. The same thing was implemented in prestige recruits. Prior to the change, people doing a 40 pull could receive 4-5 of the same 5* in the same pull. Not y’know often, but there was a video from justabox where he talked about that happening in one of his regions. Scopely has since changed it to reduce that happening. They called it limited streak breaking. Why couldn’t we have that? It’s not as though all 5 of my toons get stunned in one turn hitting one toon regularly, but the fact that it can happen seems a bit much. If my team was evenly matched with the one I was raiding, I might’ve lost an otherwise reasonable battle because… bad luck.


Easier ways to get miscellaneous elite character tokens. I just want to test my luck.


No Goat’s today?


There is already a counter dude. If you have shiva, use her active skill before attacking a Ab def or a Stun when taking damage, it will ignore that mode


a big if. Not everyone has shiva unfortunately.


Not that scopes will actually give a duck and listen, but I’d like a stash system for the 5* token wheel cause I’m sick of pulling all the garbage that was added with the nerf.


Character roadmaps…even though they would just be 4*, they’d be cool to collect, like that roadmap 4* Dwight.


More faction events! Less solo b.s.


Nah, it was a 24 hour thing. I was planning something different for today, but it’s not ready. I’m pretty lazy, so I don’t know if/when I’ll get around to it, but there will be a public announcement in the off topic area. It’ll give others a chance to get involved if they want to.