Changes wanted/needed to raids


I feel like the game has evolved in most aspects but raids really have not changed. I think it’s over due.

Raid ranking in a region has no impact. There is no monthly reward. No resets. No value.

Raiding rewards are generally low and take directly from the other players pool.

Shields limit how many raids a player can do without facing the dreaded bots.

So how about I table this idea and then everyone will pick it apart or what ever they wish.

  1. reduce shield time greatly and ghosting.
  2. increase raid rewards based on rankings.totally separate of player resources.
  3. put a reasonable cap on what players loose being raided. Rely more on bonus rewards then actually taking from players.
  4. have monthly rewards for placing in ranks just like a normal event. Also implement a system reset.
  5. provide rewards for defenses winning.

This way players who are active will be actually facing players more often then not. New rewards will encourage more activity. Players being raided will loose dignity rather then all their resources. And the playing field will not stagnate.

You can limit what players drop to on the reset aka gold level raiders reset to gold. Silver to silver. Etc.



I agree for some sort of change. I play a couple other games that have arena combat and they reset every so often and pay out rewards based on the level achieved during the active period. It pays in tokens that can be used in a special shop.


Remember back when they changed the background screen of raids well I guess that was enough changes for scopley maybe one day they’ll change it again lol


I’d like something like this to be implemented but I feel that some of the top OG players with over 100k rep would be pretty annoyed if that got reset, personally I’d like the idea though as it would make raiding slightly more interesting again


Theres a way to go about that instead
Of going seasons over no rep for you
You can do a seprete points system called season points which allow you to advance to a different tier
Bronze to platinum
Staying in theese brackets would grant a reward to all those in it


This is easy for me, get rid of basic tokens or at least take the one star garbaaaaaaahj out of it. Add weapon tokens and elitebcharacter tokens , the latter is barely given out and it’s not like they guarantee anything to most people other then disappointment


But what your asking is not changing raiding at all just loot system. Kind of off topic.

What I want is a retool of the mechanics. Countless players complain about only facing bots. Loot is horrible etc

A change like this would change up the raids. Maybe get more into it and remove those stupid bots! That scopee says do not exist.


The top players would be upset until they realize that something can be had for their hard earned rep. This gives them rewards and chances to actually keep the top not just sit there like a monarc.


Bring ambush back, only reason it was gone is because it took the advantage away from the attacker sometimes


you had me up until reset. if you took away ghosting that would get rid of the need for a reset.


No reset then no rewards based system. Which is fine just takes away from the idea to drive more players into raiding.

In a normal raid event we all start with same base points and work our way up. But and big but we do not face the same challenges at all. Middle man often faces a unhappy medium in which they either face super bots or spend all their food hitting next.


Ghost mode needs to go and have a bunch of retired players in top 50 that are in forever ghost mode with there big bad s1++ teams


You‘re like the girl that breaks off the relationship but can‘t leave the ex alone and especially doesn‘t want to see him happy. Sad, actually. Isn‘t it time you move on and leave those of us still enjoying the game in peace?


Not many posts on these forums about still enjoying the game lol


Probably because if someone dares to say so ten others jump in to personally insult him.


Or her


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