Changed milestone reward for SR tournament


Just noticed the completion reward for legendary stages contains a bag with 30 Lucille tokens, while early in the vk leak pic it was 2000 elite tokens. This shows the reward can still be amended even after the contents are pre uploaded into servers. And here comes the question, why only 30 Lucille tokens? Be generous and make it 100, how difficult could that be Scopely?

Lucille Tokens?

Maybe the original picture was just truncated to only show the 2000 elite tokens since they are giving out both. I do wish that it was 100 to make it worth everyone’s while.


I remember it was the tournament where they put up faction prize brackets up for solo event and said they couldn’t change it once it started…


Normally I’d agree with this, but they missed a great chance to sell 750 of the last set of tokens are giving out 750 as a useless reward


Apparently someone in the Scopely operation cannot to simple addition.


I was going to say the same thing …

essentially they gave us the 750 tokens with NO possible outcome on getting the other 750 tokens … im guessing the same thing will be done with these 30 tokens too


Emphasis is important.
Here, they changed it before the event.

Good call to change the rewards but pretty boring to only get 30 though. It’s alway half full with them I guess. Let’s just hope we’ll get some more in the level up and war to come.


in fact you are WRONG, i checked the milestone completion rewards at the start of the Event, This bag was introduced after the fact

This WAS changed During an event had already started


In the UK it started at 10pm, I looked at the rewards and the completion rewards for each tier world before I started to farm survival Road, i intentionally looked to see if there were any changed to post a complaint about the SOLO/Faction confusion errors that the description on the news page set out INCLUDING the lucille tokens.

I can categorically say undoubtedly that the Lucille token bag was 100% added at least an hour or 2 after the tournament started. My screenshot when i noticed it finally was at 00:23, over 2 hours later (could have been an hour earlier i dont know)


Hopefully more noticed this, i know many were confused before the event started and wondered where the tokens were coming from, i made the assumption that they MIGHT drop like tokens in normal stages or in the smaller crates but after completing bronze stage i saw nothing that would make me think they would, it was only as i was about to shut the game down i noticed it was changed thereafter.

If you think that things can’t be changed midway through an event then whoever says that is giving false information.


Wendy - War drops

This was removed within an hour of war starting …

No War Refills during Blitz war

This was not resolved the full 24 hours after war starting

Nothing has been done since

resolve … any mistake that makes Scopely money has to be treated as an ideal business venture and not the error most people believe


Someone on here said that the prize changed to add the 30 tokens. I then went back to the game and the change had not taken place in my game yet. It may just take a few to show up for some people? I did not see the change for an hour after someone else said they saw it.


thats server side issues, some people dont get events starting up on their game from 5 minutes to an hour to some not getting them pop up at all.


The prizes were most definitely changed during the event. I took a pic and sent to support as I was upset there were no tokens in the rewards for completion nor placement. A while later saw the elite tokens had now been replaced with the bag with elite and lucille.


Seriously, what is the point of having this “event” when there is no way so far to farm/grind for these tokens?

Solo SR prizes leaked on VK and still no sign of these tokens.

Wait another 500 days for the next act of the Lucille token map to open up for 100 more tokens.

Give us some for war this weekend please.


Yeah maybe Thea give out some for war. 1. 100 Token 2. 80 Token ans so in :joy:


Seems odd doesn’t it. Maybe the right hand not talking to the left again.


Luv this event…pulled a Carrie yesterday, posted it on faction chat. So 2 faction members then had a go and got Carrie also…

3 Carries to our faction during a small window of time.

(glad it wasn’t yvette)


Why not put those tokens as a rewards or milestones like slash tokens? You’ve placed three museum collection with a 2 days and a week separation to farm possibilities(though no Dwight yet) and a rng wheel with one or two pulls if you are dedicated enough. It’s 40 days to go and I hope to see some improvements in prize structure and farming drop of collectionables :slight_smile:


Bumpty bump.


@kalishane why release this event and not include any event items in the first 2 tournaments? Coordination in these events could go a long way! Would have loved to see 2 Lucille pulls for completeing sr