Change your priorities

Late last night one of our most obvious cheaters was finally removed from our region, Thanks for that

but many are still present.
This, and this war has forced me to look at myself and this game and have come to the decision what is the point?
This guy has severely damaged our region alot of our top players have retired as a direct result of this guy and his group (some of who are still present in our region).
The damage has been done, our region is no longer competitive, we have one faction on top and we just don’t have the motivation to compete anymore, this guy has destroyed competition in our region 15 of our top 30 no longer play, and of those who still play at least 5 are semi retired, I’d imagine this is the same in a few regions that have been affected by cheating, added to that this war almost every team you face is the exact same, there is no variety. I take the same team against everyone and haven’t failed a raid in months.
Scopleys attitude has to change, you have allowed cheating to thrive depriving our region of competition, and probably many others, you have bottlenecked the number of viable teams, is it 4 weeks since the last f2p ascendable? It’s inexcusable. And let’s not get started on rewards, we all know there crap.

You need to address critical issues in your game, this is the closest I’ve come to quitting, and come 1 month of the same I’d imagine my region will be dead, as will many others and it won’t matter that faction assult will have been released it is like trying to put a band aid on missing limb.
Please for the love of God stop and take a look at your priorities, stop shoving offers for gear down our necks and adress the promises you have made to us


Not just the top. Even our tight knit faction in 10th is having activity issues that we never used to have.

I think the only reason I logged in this weekend is for all the butts puns in event chat lmao

(Im in Butts region for others who stumble across this)

And I like big Butts I cannot lie.

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Lol it’s the same every Crw though lol, yeh the region has been ruined by these cheats I’d love the rewards to be redistributed, when solo level up leader boards can be seen we can see how bad it has been

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Nice that works in so many ways :grin:

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