Change you say?

How about all those changes, promises? Lol, everyone thought they were listening. “S-Class will be rare like shiny pokemon” yet a new s-class every other week. Veterans to make others obsolete. Anyone still have hope?


Nope. Not me.

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The promise of money is much more important?

Its hard. My hope is dwindling, but yes its still there.

there is no hope, rofl. veterans/s-class was the nail

S class is just so unsustainable. Ppl cant keep shelling out thousands for a single toon.
I don’t get it, they cant be making more money now.

Scopely is still milking the cash cow, so somebody is still shelling out fat cash for pixels. The proof is in every CRW when you run up against a team with two Zachary’s or Three Wayland’s. Or the truest way to mark a whale: a completely maxed premier that came out the day before.

I mean… rare to obtain has no bearing on how many different kinds there are… If you’re building up towards 1, releasing 100 more doesn’t make the one you’re building up to any less rare to obtain.

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