Change War Towers and Raid duels

Having Rocket Abe Blue Gov plowing through towers is not strategic its lame. Throw in Stuns,Reflect,Bleed all types of stronger Zombies in there to actually make it worth it to take instead of the usual 30 sec. Make a Raid tourney where the Defense team gets to attack first, its become to easy to wipe teams out in 3-4 moves with how every toon now gives 40% atk/Huge Ap bonus


I think the strongholds idea is pretty good.

but if towers took more than 30 seconds to take would people even bother with them when 90% of wars last 5 minutes or less

Very true ^^

Hmm I don’t use blue gov or rocket Abe and I still get towers. I must be doing something right then.

Which is why you add a 1 min buffer before actual war to take towers. Hell add more towers 5 with diff atk/def color combos. The 1st, 3 towers to get taken get put into play the other 2 get greyed out and open up once a tower is open to attack again.

then your just adding extra time that isn’t needed and the war will still be over in under 5 minutes once it finally gets started

“Ambush” (where def attacked first in raids) was beta tested a couple years ago and never implemented. It was an awful idea and should never be mentioned again. :grinning:

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Every toons gives huge ap and 40 attack? Hardly. A few premieres and michelle. And I imagine most the player base doesn’t have Alice and camilla.
I wouldn’t mind towers being a bit more strategic but as mentioned matches are so fast 90%of the time that when you come out its possible your dead and have a 0 score.

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