Change War Stash completion

I noticed that every War nowadays we have War tokens which we spend on War stash. Some mid tier and lower factions can’t complete the stash since you need 40 tokens for that but the 4th and last one requires 10 tokens. My suggestion is why not change the stash pull to 10 and progress the last stash to 40 that way lower factions can keep up with the toons they give out after every stash completion. Thanks and keep surviving!


sadly nothing is worth to go for those crates. only good is Rick and those useless amount of tokens, yay Dx

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Because then Scope can’t try to get $8-$80 out of the people who come in below 6th That’s the whole reason for the tokens not carrying over in the first place.


Does it really matter?
Just stuff we can get elsewhere without paying.

Well who knows…

Touche. But for me, this would be an incentive for low level factions.

Some are given some are not.

Yeah, but eventually it is all given away free in sone special lug nut event, etc

If they really want to see the war tokens fly off the shelf, put alice in there. Anyone who has her knows she completely changes the game. 3 characters rolled into 1 powerhouse… and she doesn’t even have a damage rush.


Well they give out decent toons from time to time.

But still some players can’t reach that. If they add another event like the Lugnuts again they should at least lower the requirements. But then again that is Scopely for you.


I agree with that but even this model is flawed as hell as it requires the higher placed teams, which are more likely to have people willing to spend, to spend $8 whilst the lower ranked teams, consisting probabaly mainly of f2p and small spenders, to spend $80…

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Of course it would. I’m not against what you are saying by any stretch, just doubt Scope wants to be so generous.

I don’t disagree. Personally I think as pretty much everyone does they should at least carry over to the next one, may even get a few more people farther out willing to drop $8 or 16 if they bank 2 wars and are a couple short but like the characters in a particular wars stash.

buts shes not OP but the wanderer was. Hmm i wonder what the difference is… i know wanderer was FTP and helped people smash the whale teams, cant be having that now can we lol

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we all know scopley doing this on purpose to make f2p quit the game and gs what they are getting the success in their purpose

Thats idea don’t give scoply money
we appreciate your suggestions
Keep surviving !!!

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