Change war start times sometimes

How the duck do you even know if my faction is any good or not, it makes no sense what you’re saying. And besides that, people have jobs and real lives (this is a game and should be enjoyed while still being competitive, not an unpaid job), we’re not all basement dwellers to have the time to war 24/7, hence the variety of start times that’s being asked for.

Let me lay it out for you. I have a full time job, I sleep and war when I can. When I am sleeping others in my faction war. We war 24/7. Obviously your faction can’t do this and had issues, which is why you want start times to better suit your faction.

Damn. So start times should advantage the american players and the other ones can go screw themselves and lose a lot of hours cause of this thing called timezone. Yeah, I can see it now, you make perfect sense, champ!

Glad you see it my way. Keep on surviving!

Including YOU :slight_smile:

I love that last line. Several times we have had serious bugs and issues once war has started but they get ignored and forgotten unless its something that affects the bottom line (wendygate anybody)

Just telling us they don’t give a fck would be more palatable at this point