Change war start times sometimes

@kalishane why are war start times always the uk it always between midnight to 10pm. Mostly midnight and finishing at like 5am in the morning. Seriously needs mixing up at times in the future.


It’s awful! We miss 8-9 hours of war at the start always and have to play catch up! Even started at 10pm uk time it would be a lot better, I work every weekend this really screws me over big time. Even start on a Saturday morning at least

I agree, however, it’s been stated that there need to be people in Scopely’s building for when war starts. So it’s probably not gonna change. Sucks to be EU :cry:

Or create a late shift as most companies with customers all over the world do. :wink:

Sure, but this is Scopely we’re talking about.

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That’s not the issue the issue is there is Europe where a lot are missing out on start of war and a lot of hours missing, not everything is to do with America

I have to miss the last 24 hrs because I live in Australia. Do not make the start any later! :flushed:

No we have had wars start as late as 1am+
Whilst I do hate the late times for England etc, delay ours also delays other countries, it is a no win situation. What would be better (imo) is state war start time a week before hand so players/factions can at least try to organize when they can be on to play

well considering its an american company

I don’t get you.

I prefer a rotating start system. That way everyone is in an advantage/disadvantage position.

Which gets money from all over the world, not only the US.

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Mostly from all over the world (read korea, china, australia etc.), even USA players got smarter and moved cash elsewhere.

Yeah thats what i said from the star just rotate start times to give uk and other timezone a fair crack sometimes

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Starting it earlier they would still be in Work?

This is too funny. Everyone wants everything catered to them. This is so typical of the world we live in.

So wanting some different war start times, so that euro players don’t start warring 3-6 hours later every single time, is called being “catered to”? Tell me more.

Exactly. If you don’t like it quit. The bitching over none important stuff in these forums is out of control.

lofl. Maybe you should quit if you don’t like people “bitching”. And it’s called having different opinions, by the way. Maybe you should go out more into the real world to see how this thing works. You talk about catering to people, but you want people to cater to your way of thinking. Do you even logic much?

Its not my way of thinking. Its the facts. War starts the same time all the time.

I have been all over the world and I adapt to my situation. Again, quit. There are nuch bigger issues than catering to players all over the world.

If your faction was any good, you would have war teams to allow for 24/7 wars. We are USA based and have a solid night crew.