Change up 30 day pass rewards


So if you click. The link above scopley you will see the 30 day pass crete is very outdated i know rick and jesus are needed for collections but with current 6* only michonne is worth it from here since shes still handy for walkers pls add some new 4* And pls change the 5* in it I recommend ascendable ones of course since most people prefer to buy a 30 day pass they should be able to get on the 6* train you forced us on


I have never gotten a 5 star from these crates.


I’ve haven’t gotten a five star from the crate (unless you count Benedict) but this is a good idea to incentivise spending.


Agreed. I’ve gotten that 5* jesus and gov but they are fodder at this point. Im going to stop getting the 30 day pass until it’s changed.only thing good in it is benidict and I seem to have a better chance of getting him in elite item tokens.


The 30 day crate rewards were outdated about 2 months after the 30 day pass was introduced.


It’s way outdated. I’ve also bought it every month and never got a 5* from it other than Benedict lol


That “pay for exclusives” subscription will
be here in no time to replace this. :wink:


Oh jeez, I forgot about all that garbage. :put_litter_in_its_place:


To be honest: only 6* items should be placed in these 30 day crates now. Whetstones, for example. Ulysses. 5* that are only ascendable.

The more time passes, the more 4* become the new 3* and 5* become the new 4*

4* are only good now to ascend. Even for new players, I’m sure they get flooded with 5*


I don’t mind items in the crate right now, purely because aiden is weighed so highly. Hated it a few months ago, not so much now.