Change the upcoming solo LU to fac plea!


Hi all,

So I just saw that the event calender was updated for the next week. And it includes yet another solo LU, which will be the 5th solo LU in this month. The 6th, 10th, 16th, 20th and now an upcomming on the 25th.

And if you think its photoshoped here is the link :leader: Tournament Calendar [Edited 12/19]

So if you wanna get this changed to faction LU, please like this post and post it to let @kalishane take this to the team with some meat on the bone.


Yes. Please !! We need to level our toons for War… I will not waste a million points in solo LU.


I want a solo LU if the milestones are nice.


I would go 15mil for a beanie.


“Well, that’s too bad. You’ll have to be patient with us, and wait till we give out a Faction level up. Until then, kindly participate in our solo level up with a chance to get Legendary Gear at the 2 Million milestone. Keep on surviving.” - Scopley





Would love a faction level up. I have a 100k and 60k sitting with toons I need for war. Please give us a faction level up instead of solo.


This is as it stands currently, but i’m double checking to make sure!


Honestly, I am hearing it from my own faction and a lot of people in my region, they would rather have a faction level up and won’t waste resources for another solo. I could care less either way. I do what I can in solo tournaments just as I would in faction tournaments. I am happy either way.


“Could care less” so you care a little then? Nah, I’m just teasing lol. I’m not stocked up for a big faction level up so I could wait. Though it makes sense to have one over 3 solos in a row.


I would actually like another LU event before war… since the last LU event’s prizes weren’t worth leveling any toons for >.<





There is a solo LU up coming, but with so many solo LU’s lately a fac LU would be much appreciated by alot of ppl:)


Anyone know when the solo level up starts,any news on the amazing prizes as well :slight_smile:


It would be great to have a faction level before war. Just sayin…


I went to see what we could do yesterday but it was already going through the process for tomorrow. :,(

The feedback helped though. I know what to look out for regarding this. Thank you!


Any idea of a start time or… prizes?


Sucks it can’t be changed, it was supposed to a faction lvl up last weekend but you guys changed it last minute.