Change the reward system Scopley!

It’s a really bad system ,
And here the reasons:
1-Wheels that gives the same toons over and over and over again
2- your not going to get rewards based on your (rank/efforts) but you will get rewards based on your (luck) , for example I am in top1 faction in my server and All I pulled from Wheels is garbage and I know some players from FAC n° 2 in the server that pulls (Jesus shield , Violet ,…) And I am 100% sure it was from the wheel.

So I want to suggest a new reward System , instead of a wheel why can’t we just have a collections (10 to 12 collections) each month or two , and each toon have a defined number of collections items needed , (collections may also contains special weapons , gears , trainers…)

Ex : Jesus shield collection require 12k item collection , green Alpha collection require 5k …

Plz @JB.Scopely we’re getting sick of getting the same toons over and over again , I have almost the same defense/attack team for 9 months and we always finish top 1 in all war

PS : collection items can be collected from all events wars , lvl up ,…

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