Change the event end times

Every single event ends during the night for all Europe.
Change that. 3 hours would be perfect.


Is it possible to change when night time is in Europe? Because in all honesty, you’ll probaly have better luck with that.

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Mostly CRWs start after midnight 1/2am and end early in the morning hours Sun/Mon. Yes it sucks, since a lot of hours are lost due of these beginnings and endings. They should’ve had implemented some type of start/end time rotation long time ago.

mostly crw starts in india at 9pm to 12 pm

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Over the last 17 CRW (no, blitz doesn’t count), 11 have had Euro-friendly start times. This one will get us to 11 out of 18.

for indonesia, it ends when i wake up. 9 hours have been wasted for me XD. I’m not mad though, its hard to make the timing perfect for everyone

Event end times matter more : you gotta be online the last hours when you are trying to win any solo event. And when you arrange every single event to end at a time which is dis advantageous to a particular geography, that is not right.

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