Change rewards for lvl ups plz

fucking scopley if u cant stop back to level ups then For GOD sake change level ups rewards



YES!!! we dont need same rewards 4 timss

The more you ask for change, the more it will stay the same :wink:


Completely pathetic.

Yo Onyx! How goes it man!

I was just thinking this same thing.

Yeah, me too!

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If the reward was Erika I bet most of you wouldn’t be saying this. Scopely has different rewards for back to back and the prize is a shield for one of the tourneys I bet most of you would regret trying to change the current setup. Besides, I doubt most of you are constantly in the top ten of these solo level up tourneys. I don’t like the current rewards but sooner or later there’s going to be great reward so just wait it out.

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There will never be an Erika or a Human Shield offered as a level up prize, so that argument/hypothesis is moot.
At least not until Scopely releases 7*s… :poop:

Beyond pathetic. So lazy. Slap in the face.

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are u crazzy lol they will never give u erika or shield for lvl ups wake up man

They have done revives b4 as prizes so it’s not that ridiculous but odds are only 1st will win it. Shields will never happen

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