Change regions - Negan

So started playing a just over a week ago and wanted to change regions so I could play with my friend. If I do, will I loose Negan? Is there any way to get him in the new region?. Let me know.


No. So I’d say before you play much more in the Negan region you should stop you only get yourself deeper and not want to leave to play with your friend which is where really you should be

Thanks so I’ve lost the began character?

Not at all buddy you keep going back to that region as you play in your new region and keep updating it Negan won’t be left alone before you know it he’ll have Maggie I don’t know many people that don’t play in more than one region

So I’ve lost negan then and won’t get him back as a team member

Ok thanks. Was hoping to keep him but no worries. Tks

I’m guessing migration is never going to happen but you never know

Dude you won’t miss him for long will hVe 4* the 5* then hopefully some 6’s too I’d say about just over a month with high activity and you won’t even mind you have lost him

Well Negan’s a shit character, and you’ll get fours in no time so it doesn’t matter.

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There you go buddy f*** that Negan go play with your friend:grin:

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