Change of my heart

scopely i am sorry to say all this but also apologies for language but the way this war problem has gone is just bull shit to me and many of my faction group i even liked a post of the compensation notice but when i saw it was dog barf it was to late to take back and you need to do better for us this is now just to much to take so have some balls and do a right thing here because i am so sad to say i will fuck right off if there is not a big change soon and my faction group is with me here so please do right and then we will be ok but we are not if you do not make a change with effort and i am so sad to say these angry words to you but it is needed so do the ■■■■■■■ changes please i am now begging it :rage:


Fake kookland?


why do you say this

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thank you for the very constructive and helpful comment you have made 3 posts in total of your time here and they are all just bad troll posts


I think this is the real deal. You know you fucked up when your biggest supporter is pissed at you.


this is the first time i agree with kookie
yes … you are right


i am always trying to be positive because so many are negative and i like the fun of war but they take that away from us today so that is just the last straw for the camels back there should be so much of a better response from the on this issue


They can’t even get the compensation right, they forgot the ascendance medals.



Clearly, if they actually bothered, they would have at least replied by now.


I’m with you Kookland, only so much you can say until you are fed up.

Things on this game and forum can only go so low until they have to rise again


this is just so bad of a way for them to handle this i mean they are taking away the best event of war from us and many are taking time away from work to play and stay up in the top but then there are the other players that lose and have no chance from not having game access and thisis just so bad i am sorry for the long posts here but i am very angry from what is just a phone game and i should not be so mad but i am and grrrrrr


Wow, if you are saying this is bs then they really messed up. I agree with you. How they handled this isn’t right. Yes this is a game however it still needs to be fair. People can only take so much before they revolt hence we are at that point.


it is just non sense from them today so i will go have a beer or maybe i think 6 and cool my anger of this down and see what happens tomorrow



It’s strange, funny but also quite scary to see how a mobile game affects people’s life to this extent. I mean all of this is not new to the majority of the players, when people still spend to this day and even have the past 2-3 months then they shouldn’t expect anything else. At the end it’s a fricking mobile game. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy your weekend, people! :v:t3:


this is always my out look of this but now i am ashamed i am so mad of all the bull shit that they are doing now

We have been telling this for the past 12 months how the game has evolved but the only thing people kept to hear was “keep surviving” or to “adapt”. These issues come from all the sporadic small updates this week to help people login again.

I don’t see much fun in warring a weekend long if you don’t play in a active top 10 faction, and this 2 or 3 times to get a pull for another useless toon. This has been going on for far too long and people just swallowed down their incompetence.

We have been telling this to you, Kookie. Countless times. So most people won’t show sympathy to you now.

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Good idea, cheers mate :beers:

Its been a while that I saw their doing. I’m not surprised and I’m glad that I invest no more of my time in it.

Truth . I am enjoying chicken wings !!!