Change of free mods for everyone

Please Scopely to return the change of mods in your characters for free, there are several people who are sure are like me, it is a bit unfair that it has to cost to remove the mods, and in itself it is very high the price to upload them as to have what to spend to change them to your favorite characters.
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already a 130k cap on scrap. if i was to take fully leveled mods off few characters, that 130k scrap turns to 0 fast. leveling the mods already costs alot, the unequip cost seems not needed, but instead is just another thing that discourages from trying new teams/ toons out. even a update that reduced current unequiping costs by 50% would be a welcome change.

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These should be free all the time like how we switch weapons.


It is so easy to farm scraps that I don’t see why it should be free, it’s not like we are upgrading dozens of mods everyday.

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And give us the possibility to reset mods that didn‘t turn out well.

Mod reset is unlikely to come, as it was discussed in a former thread I gave further insights as of why Mods and Weapons are not the same design intent.

The Free Mod Removal event is set to come back, roughly a monthly recurring event, and ideally before war takes place… seems to be on the very short horizon :slight_smile:


we are really looking forward to the short horizon :grinning:
and just making sure, we are looking at the same horizon right? :thinking:

Thanks for answer quickly
My languaje is spanish
Disculpa mi inglés masticado :joy:

great. everyone should be ok with twice per month being able to redesign his mods. once per month is probably too seldom but good that scopely thought of it.

I doubt much will come of it

Dont mention that here or scopely will take a look and say : hey there ! You know what ? changing weapons ain’t free anymore lol

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