Change faction sr to faction raid

Tokens are dropping from raid for this event. Would be nice to have a raid event. Maybe push faction sr back to the weekend. After the raid drops have stopped.

So you want go from a easy good event too a shit raid for what 1 token too 10 token drops smh


Uh no. Faction SR’s don’t happen all that often. Keep it what it is.


Based on what I have seen before. I would guess next weekend is raid and level up. I’m just asking to swap sr for raid. So that we can make double use of having to raid. Would still get sr. Just asking to flip flop when the events are to maximize rewards.

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Well congratulations @Ahbah there is now no faction survival road but only a solo one. And better yet, six straight days of levelup. Real good job buddy


In my honest opinion, raiding sucks the asscheeks. And the badge drops just ain’t worth it.


To be fair he didn‘t ask for a replacement but a delay.

Raiding to 4200 does indeed do what you said above as it requires you to burn at least 20 cans and requires too much time. lol

Raiding in smaller more realistic numbers can be fun once a week. What really does what you said are level ups of any kind and we got 7 straight days of them what a joke.

30 cans with all wins for 4.2

You know if you want to raid loads for the badges you can, you don’t need to wait for a raid event or, ya know, ruin it for everyone else.

More than that if you’re in top 5

Mobbie is talking about just to receive the top milestone reward, not finish 1st.

You don’t need 30 cans. I used 25 or 26 last one and I still had about 24 hrs to go. I knew I was gonna be busy the last day so I pretty much just knocked it out in one go. It was the most mind mumbling boring thing I ever did. Only did it for the Benedicts. Will never do it again unless the rewards are that good again.

Someone posted the math not too long ago on a similar post. Too lazy to find it. :wink:

Fac SR must still be broken…

Fixed that for you.


insert clip of Tanner Hall at Chads Gap

Tanner: Broke! SR is Broke! We got broken SR!!!

Bystander* yells* SR is Broken!!!

TH: we got broken SR!!! aaaawaaqggghhhh!!!’

I don’t like to spend on raid. I have cans saved. I simply wanted combine using the cans for both a tourney and getting these tokens. Instead of feeling like i should burn some cans farming tokens. And then have to use cans to get milestones in raid. Combine both into 1. Use less cans. Get milestones while also farming for these tokens.

Never asked for sr to be changed from faction to solo. Just asked to swap the events so that we could better use our cans and get more for them.

They fixed it for ya bud

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To be honest, I just think raiding sucks because I don’t have much confidence that my team can do good against most opponents. Hell, I like war more because of the strongholds giving me a boost.

But ironically, I did do some raiding earlier. Not sure what the motivation was. Just did it.