Change ascendence from 4* to 5* Level think?


Do you think it would be better to have 4*s be able to ascend when they get to tier 4 Level 1.
Instead of tier 4 Level 70…?

I mean you have to use 8 other 4*s anyway, to tier 4 is a decent bit of levelling and to get what you want can take multiple upon multiple times before you do…

I think this would make ascendency much more accessible and fun.



Yea it would be better that way, but obviously would be too easy in scopelys opinion.


I would agree for my second Region, but it would hurt in my main region:


I’m always short on silver medals, i’m Sure everyone else is as well. So this idea wouldn’t hurt Scopely, People still won’t be able to ascend a ton of 4 stars because of the medal shortage.


Really good suggestion, back in the days of museum “ascendance” (4-5* Negan, Zeke etc) they only needed to be T4L1 before they became ascendable so it’s not like there’s not form for it. I’ve a bunch of toons hovering around the L50 mark because of the resources needed elsewhere, so would be very welcome.

And for those ascending T4L70s maybe give them an incentive like a lowered medal cost, a partly leveled 5*, a chance at a reroll if it’s a toon they don’t want etc.


That idea could work very nice. But why not remove the complete random way of ascending. When you ascend a 5☆ you know the 6☆ version you get and if he of she is worth it. Why not do the same thing with ascending 4☆ to 5☆ let you choose the toon you want and not wasting so many resources to get Siddiq or any other toon.

This whole game is about luck or spending


Yes. But you have to ask yourself, will this benefit scopley? No, it might hurt thier chances of selling trainer crates.

Why so many 4s. Most of mine have been used for ascension.


Can’t argue with that, but if luck is needed while spending how bad is it for the none spending people?


I keep the 4*, I like. Like: Benji, Green Sandy…
But the shown one are all for the Ascendance


I don’t think it would hurt Scopley at all.

More would want silver medals…giving Scopley a opportunity.
And people would still buy trainers to level there new 5*s.



That sums it up quite nicely and its the reason we get screwed over at every turn.


But if there wasn’t the luck based element…wouldn’t everyone acccounts be the same?

I think there should be some luck based progression.
But it shouldn’t be overpowering.

Like when they changed the wheel so you got a guaranteed 5* after 40 pulls.
There should be systems like that in place for the really unlucky.


Luck on pulls i can understand but luck on rewards is rubbish you could win 4 solo level up events and pull 4 worthless 5☆ from the tokens you earned. Another person could be top 100 3 times earned a little over 1 pull and can pull a great ascendable toon. This isn’t fair in my opinion. They changed the milestone of being random, a crate at 2 million was random now you can choose to hit the milestone if you need that specific gear. Why not change the reward? so you know where you fighting for

This is a great game in potential but it should be about activity and skill and give spenders a advantage and not all about luck