Change 5* Tokens as main rewards

5* tokens as main rewards is getting seriously boring and repetitive. By now a lot of players already have all the ascendables of this wheel, making pulls almost meaningless (sigh another benedict…)

5* can still be the main prize of some events. But why not alternate main reward with…
-Prestige tokens
-Elite Tokens
-Supply Points

Since possible characters are different in these pools, and some legacy 5* ascendables will only be obtainable in these specific sources, it would keep the tournaments much more interesting.


supply points would be a no
prestige tokens a hell nah
elite tokens a holy hell no


I wish they’d give out actual characters again instead.


The important detail you’re missing is how much is everyone getting based on their rank? I usually place in Top 100. So how much am I getting for that position?

Prestige as a main reward, lmfao, I’d flip the fuck out after war if got a rod or equally useless four star

Would need 500k prestige tokens as top reward to get 1 5 star it’s all 4 stars all the time. Depot points and elite item tokens are not prize material at all, I’m mad when elite item tokens are in the 3rd slot of prize structure if they were the main prize at least half the people playing would immediately quit. I’d be on board with a box prize with 4 parts as the main prize. In the box 20k 5 star tokens for part 1, 10k prestige tokens for part 2, 10k weapon tokens for part 3, and 5k elite item tokens for part 4. Something like that would be a upgrade let’s not downgrade prizes anymore than they already are. Also the other two prize slots would need to remain with trainers and gear the box can’t be alone.


Of course, the amount has to be interesting for ppl to compete. But remember that Prestige Tokens, Depot and Elite Tokens can all offer FUTURE OR ACTUAL ASCENDABLE characters that are not available in the 5* wheel (Glenn, Red Gov, Blue Dwight etc)…

You have 12.5% chance at a 5 star so statistically 8 pulls nets you one 5 star + 7 4 star on average (sometimes less, sometimes more). So 8000 tokens would be actually BETTER than 10k 5* tokens.

Like i said, amount would need to be interesting.

With the update pools, some ascendable characters are only available in specific sources. For instance, Rose is only available with Elite Tokens. Blue Dwight is only available with Prestige. How can we get them if Elite Tokens are so extremely rare…?

Supply Depot Points would be great as a reward. You can actually CHOOSE which character you get, when 5* wheel is completely random.

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But they normally don’t , effort shouldn’t be rewarded randomly, sweet I busted my ass all weekend in war, I got chuck, Abbie , Beth and green heath. Oh look that random dude that barely warred got two shivas, hunter and another shiva.


We all wish that there would be less randomness in this game but characters as tournament rewards is not likely to be back IMO. So far we are stuck at 5* tokens as rewards. And unfortuntalely Scop did not update this pool with more ASCENDABLE recruits, but they did with other pools.

All active players I know have already all the ascendable characters in the 5* wheel once, if not more. Whats the point of a 2nd or 3rd Carl…?

Honestly id prefer a chance at a new ascendable recruit in the other wheels that another “benedict” from the 5* wheel, and i know a lot of players feel the same way!

And im not saying to COMPLETELY eliminate 5* tokens as rewards. they can stay for wars. But maybe Lvl up, assault and SR tournaments could give something else.

Still disagree, my amigo.
I’m not wanting to war and get chucks.
Prestige tokens are awful, and MAYBE elite would be okay if the tokens were given in batches.

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I think they need to hurry up and either give high tier 5* as rewards or 6* ascendables it’s getting boring pulling Gregory and blue heath :(:expressionless:


Ascendables need to be given out ASAP. Their main selling point for the game is playing for Benedicts and not enough medals to ascend any 6*. Anybody who is coining this weekend deserves a slap


Top 2 should be rewarded with an ascendable toon

I would really love Elite Character Tokens in Events again, of course Just in the Milestone. There pratical Dead. I can’t even remember the last time I saw one in a Event (execept for War Crate). Especially with some really good characters on it Monica or Revive Amy, but especially Rose.

Good tournament rewards should not involve RNG

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Not everyone has all accendables from the wheel. Some of us have not been getting any. Only dupes of once great 5s and crap drop leads. Not since the start of the 6 meta have i got and accendable off the 5* wheel. Pulled carl and shiva at the start and nothing since but blue clems drop lead ricks zekes shane 3 all out war zekes 4 Dr. Ricks. That wheel is a joke and not even worth the effort needed to get tokens to do pulls. Since they stopped putting toons up for rewards alot of og players have quit rather than getting the same old tired ass 5*s over and over. Make it worth playing again start giving rewards worth the time and energy players put into winning them cause right now the copy paste reward structure just aint it. Not even close…

Nah Thats not how it works at a 12.5% drop rate of 5 stars you would only have 1/8 each time so you could pull 8 times or 100 times and not get a 5* as the percentage is so low

Prestige tokens are crucial to get future ascendable Dwight, so that’s a yes.