Chances of 7500 coins in offers today?

Theres a $100 coin offer right now that gives 8200 coins plus a crate with rng coins. How have your results from the crate been?

Im thinking it might be a bit broken or maybe scopely really increased the chances for xmas. Because ive gotten 7500 coins 5x straight. 5 crates isnt enough of a sample size so if some of you also had that experience let us know as a public service so more people can do the offer this xmas!

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Stop lol. Please


Sounds like BS. You can only buy 2 max


It’s because you’re their best customer. Seriously, who is this stupid and waste $500 just for some pixels which have no value outside of this mobile game. But yes, definitely a posting that makes you wondering what’s wrong with people. You should buy more of those, Tucker needs new tires for his Porsche.


I’m almost certain you’re trolling at this point, give it a rest.


technically you can buy as many as you want if you go region hopping

A Porsche?

This is the look of a fellow that drives a Smart car to work and loves to remind people about the great mileage it gets.


Looks more like someone who associated with a binary sex.
Looks like he is trying to figure out which bathroom to use.

Wow so much hate. Anyway for those that care to know just wanted to share that the offer bag has a pretty good chance of giving the 7500 coins. U can get 2 offers per region. Can stock up on some coins for next sclass or more mercers.
Merry Christmas all the non haters.

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i believe he just trolls or is an employee account and not actually buying everything.


But does he have the cyber truck? Not that thing has amazing pixels, rts whales should be all over that thing for its pixels

No he buys, he’s just gloating because money has no value to him and spending that much doesn’t seem completely pointless. He comes here when the game is slow to get a little bit of entertainment out of people’s reaction because for some people any kind of reaction can be seen as validation.


100$ for a not even guaranteed 7500 coins? On what planet would that be a good deal once let alone 5x? Man are you a sucker.

Did you read the post? It’s $100 for 8,250 coins, PLUS a bag with up to 7,500 additional coins. So it has actually been an awesome deal. 15,750 coins for $100 bucks

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We dont do that around these parts ya hear!


Это не человек это один из попрошаек скопели

мы не можем быть слишком злыми, это Рождество, даже если он не признает его.

15750 for 100$ sweet deal

Now i want a weapon wheel


Back to your spending ways you whale :wink:

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Prison mugshot just waiting to happen.
Coughs bucketgate:sweat: