Chances for Lydia?

How are these chances for Lydia?? I mean 1% chance for an ascendable or 6 star including all other 6 stars , no special chances for Lydia here … why not actually increase the chance for Lydia if announced?

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It’s not a Lydia wheel though. It’s a Leader Skill wheel. But even if they did give increased chances for any toon they do not need to show those odds nor will they.

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Here ya go mate

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I think everyone is just assuming things are like before and not noticing that they have changed how the wheels work since double chances ended… never pulling again that’s all I can say


Yeah chances for Lydia is 1% in the 1% of 6* , so in total 0.001%

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It’s always been like this…

99.9% to get Lydia. The rates are so good. Like omg I got three of her now.

Not like the 2 percent chance helped everyone lol. Still terrible odds.

I was able to pull another 5 star ascendable green Abe. It’s dropping as advertised I just didn’t get Lydia :frowning:

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