"Chances" for butter

I think Scopely flat out forgot to ■■■■■■■ add butter into the wheel, i have done over 40 pulls and not a single stick of butter.

I know this sounds crazy but you could always, you know, not do any pulls!



I have 30 level 2-5 region accounts and I do my SC pulls on all of them. And unfortunately not a single piece of butter. The best thing I got was 150 keys…

I think the butter is only in the bonus crates.


It’s not been like that for every one of the other stupid confusing collections though.

Says at the top “chances at butter…”

Scopely is getting smarter, this way you have to spend to get butter and odds can be dropped.

I repeat… it is not worth pulling at all on the current wheel structure… you need to spend at least 600$ to get what you want. Trust me this is how they have designed it. DO another 5 x big pulls and you will eventually get there (maybe).

Totally agree, first Scopely dropped the odds of getting a premier recruit and now they are moving to collectables so the odds look the same or better but are actually worse because you need to pull multiple instances instead of one toon! I don’t understand why nobody seems to be talking about the huge drop in odds!!

They need a 3rd party to verify the % of pulls, ultimately they could be lying about it and theres nothing we can do, unless a 3rd party was involved to inspect whats really going on.

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All for this type of regulation and data analysis by a independent company but since this game / app is not listed as a gambling app like online casinos this won’t ever happen.

Hopefully that will change and more people clue on, i got told today on the forums that coins arnt real money, and thats the kind of thing people need to wake up and see, it very much is! Its virtual currency we spend real money on and it has this shroud of different value when its so easy to purchase “suprize mechanics” the best thing we can do is to spread awareness and soon there will be new laws put in place.
The reason companies like scopley try hide % and do not want to close the gap, is because its gone against there policys of making money/revenue.

its cheaper in a store if you need butter… just saying :roll_eyes:

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Not useful yoy get her used right if people don’t have any maim or bleed there done and can’t do a damn thing

I did a 10 pull and got butter but no idea what it’s for. Doesn’t appear in my museum.

Ah thanks, just checked again and found it. Too many collections going.

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Take this with a grain of salt as I am not a spender, BUT… The only way to get what you want from this company is a collective agreement NOT TO SPEND. Even if you were lucky enough to gave one 20k coin pull from that benny crate, dont pull. Wait until they change to a different wheel model or shut up about not getting what you want. I know I dont spend so “dont” have a say, but why continue to be disappointment. Stick ( haha butter joke) it out or accept the bad odds.

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The worst part is. You (not specifically you) think that spending makes you a better player. It does not. It makes your team better, sure, but you as a player are not a better player because you spent.

instead of hoping from scopley for a single stick of butter with 0.02 % chance , how about buying it on ur nearest market lot cheaper and with 100% chance that u will actually receive butter

You wish… it’s likely 99% to get 100 and 1% to get more