Chance of WOC solo qualifier?

Is it possible that will be an open tourney to help factions that are in WOC fill so as many players as possible will be able to take place in the tourney.

Just a thought, never used the forum before, not even sure of people will read or care about this idea but I figured I put it out there.


Would be cool alot need a few but what kinda a tournament ya know? And then they have to find a fac thats qualified and leave theres for the weekend. Maybe had they made this a thing before it dropped could work. Like top 5 scores in crw that aren’t qualified

@JB.Scopely sell keys to the event!!!

That’s a good idea.

Do you know who we haven’t heard from yet? Someone who qualified in two factions and has to make the heart-wrenching decision about which faction to play with so he/she doesn’t over-write one of their rosters. There must be someone…

Hadn’t considered this. Very impressive if someone did manage to qualify twice

100 bucks a key
do it

Not a fan of this


Makes sense as that’s how the teams got there


I’m only saying what is the point of the qualifier if someone can just buy their way in


i agree. they are the chosen ones. they got gud, and you noobs can only be jelous of how much money they threw at the game :+1:

Yes, because if money was the only equation then BRAW would be here :wink:


they had little momey so they used vk instead of the scopely shop with sandpaper for 960 coins. not near the 10 000$ club.

That doesn’t matter, all they did was money, they used only money to get ahead.
There are players who are Free or near to it that qualified, you counting them out? Their hard work and extensive knowledge and gameplay lead them to a top faction where they work with others and qualified. Just ask @DandyAF he is probably the actual best Free to play on the game


thought that was @Kodak_black

ftp aint got the premiere toons so they’re far behind spenders.

i bet you lough when you meet ftp and crush them. im ok with cow, so whales can fight whales. ftp aint got nothing to it.


There are some very good ones that even defend me a couple times.

LMAO, that’s why I said actual.


I see your point. Most of the top players are already qualified. They kind of sprung this late on us. I bet a lot of factions will be at 27, 28 or 29. But your prob right, better to just leave those qualified.

I guess the point of qualifying though would be a free key haha.

Albeit true, would take away the “exclusivity” of it all.

Agreed. I’ll just cheer from the sidelines and hope they don’t screw up the event for you guys.

Should have just joined us one of the may times I tried to recruit you :wink: lmao


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