Chance for more world map stages?


I know this has been brought up a lot and it’s been like this a while, but is there any chance at getting more world map stages? I feel the story shouldn’t just leave off where it did, there should be much more to the world map.


“Coming Soon” still sounds like a joke, but I’m game if it includes more difficult challenges and better rewards based on the difficulty. Why not add the Nightmare mode to the World map, too?


To my knowledge that “coming soon” icon has been there for more than a year (or so I’ve been told). That nightmare mode seems like a great idea, maybe they could make it to where you can switch back and forth from nightmare and normal, reset the world map on nightmare but save your progress on normal.


Hey, I like that. @kalishane , your thoughts about this one here?


Open the map, make it harder and raise the max level from 125 to at least 150.


Yes max level needs to go up again, too many people are already maxed.


thats a great idea about the nightmare mode on world map maybe do a legendary mode as well that could be kind of cool…and as far as that coming soon crap has been that way for as long as i have been playing(2 and half years) probably alot longer than that…and yes the need to raise the player level cap again but maybe make is really high so every couple of months they dont have to keep redoing it and can focus on more important things such as adding new 6’s or gear or whatever else they decide to add…it’ll be one less problem theyd have to worry about.


Instead of raising the max level they could at least make the XP worth something by having a reward for a certain amount of xp earned like a refill pack for different modes of the game or something along those lines


It’s only been 1.5 years , give them a chance :wink:


No doubt, been ready for that since I joined the Forums :joy:


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