Chance Bag Percentage?

So what’s the % on each item? We kinda need to know these things before claiming them!


Got one beacon of light outta 10 bags, they won’t disclose the odds

Every bag, crate, box, container, etc…should have odds posted and made aware.


It’s ftp content, they won’t give them because they are scumbags


Little expensive for what it only gives. 1 try and got 20 beads. Changes my position completely not at all lol

5 torch and 3 world cans… clearly the beacon and beads have the lowest odds. Oh well, better than nothing. They were just sitting there.

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All odds should be posted on loot bags, it’s not courtesy it’s the law.

But alas, it’s not costing money out of pocket directly so there’s that loophole.


Where did they come from

Typhoon bonus 3 in the museum

Opened 5 3 world cans 24 torches

How is that even legal ?

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What’s the point ?
Even if they show odds, you can’t get whàt you want
Go with gears

beacon of light probably has .02% chance smh

Energy can being the least wanted it’s probably 99.5% with the other three splitting the 0.5% and the beacon with the lowest possible change at something like 0.000000000000000001%
I got the world energy.

I got 2 beacons of light out of 4 bags

Matches and world cans only from 6 bags

2 sets of beads and 2 sets of torches out of 4 for me =\

Same (7 chars)

You arent paying for it so they dont have to post odds

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The odds don’t mean jack shit. They can put any number they want and still cheat the players.