Champions tickets lost

With the last arena bug fixed I’ve lost all of my champions tickets. Good job.


Yep same here…suxs

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Yup, me too!

Don’t worry…
They’ll be on sale soon! :+1:t2:


Oh and the milestones reset…

Gambit1008 hahahaha
Same here, all gone… mfkr!

Lost mine as well with the update smh

Same here and because i couldnt paticipiate in 5* arena dropped un league from 6 to 18 lol

Well I spent the whole day locked out. Finally got back in to find that I was unable to play arenas. So I missed the old school arena (which was the only one I was looking forward to) , and also dropped out of the promotion zone in leagues as a result. Then I updated to fix the problem, only to find that I have now lost all arena progress including milestones and champion tickets earned as well. Come on Scopley, this is getting ridiculous now. Please fix your game!


Can you get into arenas at the moment then?

It’s telling me there aren’t any available.

Lost tickets and milestone progress also

Me too. They want you to buy more tickets.

I updated the game then restarted and arenas came back up.

Lost 3 champion tickets as well.
@GR.Scopely Now we DEFINITELY require a compensation.

Was locked out and lost all milestones and champion tickets once i was able to get back in…is it really that hard to launch events without issues with EVERY SINGLE ONE smh

Guess all my hard work was for nothing.
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @TayTron

Same here. They took 2k of my coins too.

lol…they took my tickets…coins i wish.

For those who spent coins on entries they might as well have.