Champions arena

This needs fixed it should only contain the same group u fought all week mixing it up does not make for competition


Also what’s the point in fighting all week when u can just coin it

Gold tickets shouldn’t be able to be coined

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At this point its just a coinfest. Game is almost completely P2P (not p2w)

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Why did we even fight all week if it can be coined

Scope being scope. Nothing to do but watch the whales :whale2:
10k coins can buy first so far in my bracket.

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They really shouldn’t let you pay for champion tickets with coins. I’m not happy it’s a thing with the normal tournaments but I’m definitely not happy it’s in Champions. It’s an arena meant for the best of the best from multiple league sessions from the week.
Some nonce spending hundreds to get to the top is hardly the best of the best

Though If they’re spending coins they probably are in Scopely’s eyes

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How’s this any different from any other tournament ? I hate it too but expected it

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Did you ever expect it not to be able to be bought. It’s always about money

Well coining allows those who didn’t get a champ ticket to join, at 250 a pop if you use coins to win it’s pretty much a waste. Only reason it will happen this time is veteran rings are new and certain people will go “ooh shiny gotta have it”

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