Champions Arena With Coins? 🤬

So the only point of getting the gold tickets is that you can get away with spending a few less coins?
I really thought arenas was good and that getting the gold tickets would give you an advantage over people who didn’t get as many…
But no you can pay 250 coins for more go’s!
Literally what is the point, just more pay to win events.
Not a champions Arena a money arena.
Damn you screwed up a really good idea.

(Yes I’m annoyed🤦🏻‍♂️)


Not bad for free tickets


They need to implement a pay scale.


Not sure I understand why you’re annoyed…you said it yourself, the point of getting free tickets is that you get to spend less coins. Yeah, other people can spend coins but you don’t have to, is that bad?

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There original post said that you could only enter with gold tickets, meaning the free to plays get a better chance. Instead of the whales coining loads and winning easily…

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9 tickets won 4 and done 45 entries. And yes system is messed up daily arena also should not be a thing

It’s there money they can do with it as they please, Just like i can say anyone that spends money on this game needs to have there mental health checked.

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