Champions Arena Question

Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but why the fudge do I spend all week battling one set of opponents only to battle a completely different set of opponents come the Champions Arena?

I’d worked out no one had more champions tickets than me, ergo, no one should really be able to beat me without spending. I’m sitting in second, sandwiched between two players who haven’t competed in any of Arenas leading up to the champions arena.

I was also enjoying the total lack of S-Class in my platinum II opponents yet come Champions Arena all these different opponents are loaded with S-Class toons.

Call me bitter, but that’s a f_cking stupid system. It’s like a team getting to the semi-finals of the Under 12s football Cup final and then telling them their opponents are Barcelona followed by the winners of PSG and Juventus.


I agree it’s daft, but I wouldn’t have brought the football analogy in otherwise you could say it’s like Celtic having to face Barca in the CL which is what they are going for I think. But you are right, the gap in this game is bigger than Celtic-Barca.
Tbf most champions arenas I’ve seen tend to be 3/5ths-3/4s platinum in the top 20 as they’ve had a greater chance to gain champions tickets.
If they made the 5 mark milestone a champions ticket, then they could just keep the same league opponents for the champions arena as everyone who took part in everyone of the normal arenas will have been able to access the champions arena.

I dont even claim my champ tickets lol

The problem with leagues is that there is no incentive to get to higher leagues so people with strong rosters may decide to stay in Platinum for easier rewards. No idea how Champions Arena players are grouped. But like you don’t like that a P2 player gets to face D players, I don’t like that I as a D4/5 player get much less rings than a P player. Almost all Champions Arenas I’ve been in were won by a P player :man_shrugging:

Only incentives is better leauge token rewards
And that you like to see yourself on the toplist

Look at this… Only did Arenas (15min total playtime in a week). If you get demoted in Diamond you get half the coins and only 5k more league tokens (not enough to buy a hockey mask). Just Scopely sense :roll_eyes:

I recommend you do. 1 ticket easily gets you 9 rings.

Yeah, I hate the fact that Diamond and Platinum leagues get mixed for the champions arena, as most of the Platinum are ahead of Diamond due to earning more tickets for boosted entries.

Also this week has bugged on a few of my faction mates. The game decided to glitch and strip them of their champ tickets making them have no entries for some reason.


Probably wouldn’t be enough entries if they didn’t consolidate to make it meaningful.

They need to look at it. Platinum v is a whole world away from the other platinums. I was hoping to get to diamond this week but will prob be demoted so may just accept I’ll only get to diamond in the dying days of the game.

They also need to revisit some of the events. Old school seems to be the only balanced one. Otherwise s class take over everything. Draft in particular is now shockingly unbalanced with the lack of mods and leader skills available to the attacker. I know they are the best 6*s, but it is embarrassing how much better the freebie s classes are now.

I used to love draft but now that everyone has several S Class on defense with modded weapons(I’m in diamond 3 so it might be more noticeable than in platinum) it’s much tougher to put together competent attack teams when most toons have bound weapons and no modifications. I’m okay without leader skills but between having limited control over who you can use and then have basically no weapons, facing S Class defenses with perfect weapons is no fun.

Arenas is now another feature I only bother doing to just to get some half ass rewards.

I was in play v for the first time ever this week and it was extremely noticeable (I assume from old diamond players at the top).

I’m consciously staying in platinum and have worked out how to honestly earn coins each week so it’s all good.

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Except you have to consistently get promoted for this coins though. I’m sitting in diamond and if I don’t get promoted, I still get 700ish coins every week without pushing too hard.

You fight against other leagues in the champions arena

True. But I’ll try dropping to Plat and see what happens. Wont be using my 5 gold tickets for Arenas and should drop to D2 next week

I would use them as they don’t carry over, use or lose

Not with it at this point just drop next qualifier

I know. But if i use them wont drop and next week with war i’ll probably get promoted. Collected very few rings these past few weeks. Will get 600+ coins from my Gold account this week.

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Yeah its totally daft draft lol
You could be in diamond league slog your guts out burn through numerous tickets only for someone in platinum to get 1st place at the end of it all who has had a much easier time and most likely used a fraction of the tickets you used up to get those golds


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