Champions Arena Glitch

So I’m just going into my arena to compete in the champions Arena. Use my token which I worked hard only to be bugged. Has this happened to anyone else. I’ve tried reseting to game but it still happened. I tried to fight a team to see if it would fix it but to no avail.


Ma jaghmlux wahda sew.

dude free points

2 points is not enough unfortunately everyone got lots of points but I can only get 12

That’s grimey waste of a ticket

I haven’t even attacked yet. I’m so pissed off!

I’d wait maybe they will fix it send a ticket to support too as that’s a zero chance for anything even if the leaderboard is crazy atm

Hello there,

The Arena Opponent issue is known and has been reported to the team.

I will keep you updated on the status of the investigation toward a fix.


Well this is more than i got with in game customer support.

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It finishes in 3 hours time - are we likely to see a fix before hand?

Can we get our tickets back BEFORE arena ends?

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Look at all the awesome rewards i get for participating. Thanks.


Same here. Wasted a second ticket and blew the rest of the event off. Fool me once right. In game support didn’t even bother saying it was a known issue they are looking into.

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It’s disappointing, after playing the arenas all week. You’re reduced to getting nothing because of their error. Between this and being stuck in a whale region, might push me into retirement.

I have lost 4 tickets too. Have 48 point now…

The players have spoken. Seems pretty obvious what is going on that people are lowing defenses. Either way raised or lowered the top players will be farming it so I think what defense a person puts up is meaningless.

Just like raiding top players will pop 100 refills or whatever they choose too. What difference does it make for a defense? In this case unbalanced scoring which is what we already are aware of and that should have been changed right from the start.

People aren’t lowering in champions arena. They can’t as the system is not logging people setting defenses and is keeping whatever the autofill is. It’s clearly a bug In this case. In other arenas you may have an argument that they are, and it is a crappy thing to do, but not in this one.

Blazing hot rewards! Me too btw