Champions arena entrance

Just a question since I really suck at using the search function… so if don’t get a champions ticket you can not enter even buy paying for tickets? So you have to place in top three of one or enter seven matches to be qualified?

You have to do enough arena battles to earn a championship ticket each week.

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You need to get at least one champions ticket, then you can coin up

You have 5 free entries every week. Use another 2 tickets and you will earn a champion ticket on that seventh milestone. Gl :wink:

And you get one free at two entries…

You have to have 1 ticket minimum to participate which to get one is either coming top 3-5 I believe or use your 5 free attacks and then an extra 2 space to get 1 of them

Any unused tickets expire.
Even if they are unclaimed in your inbox.

Lmao… someone is trying to be in d1…:joy::joy::joy:


Ok thanks never knew I had to get a ticket guess I have always used seven some how.

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