Champions Arena Coin Rewards Update

Greetings Survivors,

There is an update coming to this weekends Champions Arena (Sunday, Sept 1) that we wanted to inform you of.

Currently, in Champions Arena, Coins are one of the rewards that players earn from competing within their Champions Arena bracket. For the next Champions Arena, we’re making an update to the number of Coins that are possibly rewarded. Now, the quantity of Coins possible at every rank within a bracket will dynamically increase based on the number of Coin-based entries within that bracket.

One minor note, there is a small visual bug on the info screen if you tap the coin icon on the rewards window.


So the more people spend, the more they can win?


Seems like it

I don’t even play this anymore. It’s already p2p with the multipliers.


I noticed this earlier. Last time it said 1k coins was the top reward but said 3k coins now. And when I went into it, it explained pretty much what was explained in this thread.

Well atleast you’re totally upfront about it being pay to win.

In the future, will this be applied only to coins spent in championship arenas or will they collectively effect the championship prizes from all coins spent during all the weeks arenas?

Why don’t you make changes to the parts of the prize structure that dish out veteran rings to a small number only and destroy leagues, as has been asked numerous times here?

No-one asked for this.


So how does this work? Does it go up by 250 coins each time someone uses that amount?


Can you direct me to the place where this particular change request to Arenas was posted?
Because I can’t find it in the long list of desired changes that you so far have ignored :blush:


Arena’s needs a gigantic overhaul!!! With rewards for EVERYONE being top of the list. As is, its just another cash grab that doesn’t really benefit anyone outside of the ppl willing to spend. Which are the same ppl with deep enough rosters to do it.
I still haven’t gotten any rewards besides the measly pitons you get from participation which ain’t shite. Still no placement rewards and I’ve been trying.

The main hurdle imo is these purposely sandbagging whales who lurk in lower leagues just to take advantage of weaker players who have zero chance.

I’m in platinum 3 and I came across more than 10 different players that had S12 to S14 ranked teams in 6 entrances, who of course gave the best points but are unfortunately unbeatable to all but the best Uber whales.

Like I said it could be a fun event, just with some serious tweaking. But I see this as being just another in a long line Failed Events that will disappear into obscurity shortly. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Im super active, not the biggest spender even before PU, and have always been in D4/5.
I haven’t placed in a single arena to get rings. So I feel your pain there.

And unfortunately a lot of those uber whales that buy S Class arent that active generally. Thats been my experience anyway.


I’d rather be able to trade my golden ticket in for something useful tbh.



Yes better do something with rewards in weekly arenas. Difference between 1st and 5th is a joke. 6-10 only one ring and nothing for rest ?
At least one ring for rank 30-40
Two for rank 20-30 ect.
You will not lose anything and only gain players’ satisfaction. your thinking to please only a few people and get the money out of them is pathetic. this is the problem with every event. give people a reason to play and you will see maybe more money.



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It’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but the millionaire tycoon buys the chocolate factory out from Charlie’s poor, golden-ticket winning hands


In all fairness many like me are in lower leagues since we cant even barely muster the energy to turn the damn game on anymore and do the effort necessary to maintain rank. I’m sure there is definitely some that have dropped down though but dont paint em all with the same brush. Platinum 1 and it still sickens me how much I see people spend for this arena though

Doing things that nobody asked for is a sport or something ?