Champion' Tickets Missing or Expired?

I had 3 champion’s tickets yesterday but chose not to use them because I thought that saving them up for an attempt at a high ranking would make more sense.

I now have no tickets - either because they expired or because they’ve vanished (not for the first time).

If this is by design then this wasn’t made clear (unless I missed something). Adding an extra bullet point to the Arenas help to set this out would make sense.

If you can’t save them, though, it really does put a nail in the coffin of areans for F2P.

If it’s not by design, could I have my tickets back, please?


Champions tickets do not carry over. Use em or lose em. It was in the original post.

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It’s kinda lame :roll_eyes: we should be able to roll them over and use at our own pace.


Sorry, but this screenshot makes me think of this…

Ok - now you’ve posted that I’ve found it. It’s there if you click on the tickets under Champion’s Arena. If you click elsewhere on the tickets though you get this:

Having clicked there I didn’t bother clicking everything else. I got out of that habit after finishing Monkey Island.

Do you mean the post on here or in the game?

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You defiantly missed something. All the posts on here made it clear that champion tickets expire.

Yup - seems like I missed that. I’ll hold my hands up to that. I lost them. That’s life.

Still - understanding the game probably shouldn’t rely on players reading forum posts. The content of the post was probably replicated in the “New Event” note too. That’s gone now, though.

Anyone who took a holiday or any new players stumbling across Arenas would probably benefit from the expiry rule being made more obvious.

Not a rant - just a suggestion now. :grinning:


Saved mine too, then poof they were gone, I didn’t realize they didn’t carry over either!


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