Champion arena defense team not saving

Anyone else notice that regardless of what defense you save in the champions arena, that it is ignored, and a random one stays up instead? I tried multiple times to save my main defense for use, but instead, it’s running some lousy carley team. This is just another way to make an unfair event even more unfair. Not only is your pool of opponents random (not to mention how that also affects possible total points), but now, I can’t even try to prevent those I’m competing against from scoring easy points off of me. What is so difficult about adequately testing a new feature before unrolling it? Absolutely ridiculous!


Whole thing is a mess… Diamond and Platinum players together now


Didn’t even notice that. This has been such a joke.

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Diamond players are marked in purple. Platinum in blue. Mine is obviously dominated by Platinum.

Maybe that’s why I’m being forced to defend with a Michelle, fast barker, volley Dwight, amber, carley defense. Even the playing field. :roll_eyes:

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Tbh feel like uninstalling the game. For the first time didnt finish SR, am not raiding, meh… Whale faction mates will earn up over 50 rings simply because they are not very active. 3 weeks and they’ll max out a toon.

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Is this defense bug for everyone or just a few of us unfortunates?

Must be the update, great fix Scopely. Guess this wouldn’t be a Scopely game without a huge daily fuck up. Could you by any chance send some of your brightest programmers to work for the Chinese? I’d like you to teach them how to fuck up more often.

Same crap here

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Did my entry and all defence teams had no mods and default weapons unless they had a bound weapon. Keep up the good work.

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Same for my defense. Came to post this bug… I was wondering why all the defenses in arenas were set so low… :man_facepalming:t5:

It’s a wide spread issue of course, defenses are being set to random with no mods and weapons etc. Waste of time…

Company literally can’t do anything right.

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Takes this to the team players council :roll_eyes:

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Same here

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Yep same… on the plus side I faced four really easy defences lol.

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same problem here, defence team is a joke and not what I’ve set

I think this is on purpose, to make arenas seem better then they are. If people had to fight the real money teams with paid mods, weapons and all other crap like war no one would be saying they like it.
Well except the money teams of course.

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