Champion arena defense recap

I’d like to think that the defense recap is not working correctly. Is it possible to have someone fight my defense this many times in the time that it’s stated? I get that it’s old school and teams can t1 but if you look at the stars it shows that he beat me yet still attacked me again 1 minute later.

I’m not necessarily calling this person a hacker but either this is a bug or something is fishy.

Probably a bug the hordes defense log was bugged similarly

What’s probably happening is they are purposely losing to you to get a low score to stay in a low league bracket since it’s qualification week.

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Call me stupid but wouldn’t it make more sense to not do anything? Or do you lose solo trophies for losing?

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If you participate and even get a 0 you still get a placement and thus get some solo trophies. It is better to not participate at all, you get absolutely nothing that way. If you check out any of the standings from previous arenas this week and scroll to the bottom, there may be a 0 or two that still get placement, but notice the number of people that place, probably under 60, and that number is different from day to day, that’s because others didn’t participate.


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Well then why would it say 4/5 stars? Sorry I’m not used to checking these.

Some ppl need to do arenas to get the daily milestone so doing nothing is not an option. Particularly if they are a lower level player.

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I dont check it much either but im guessing he lost one toon only at defense and the attacker lost all so he got 4 stars

If they keep losing, they can attack you with all 5 of their attacks on the ticket. It’s not hacking. It says you defended in the screenshot.

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only way to “cheat” the system to drop is don’t do anything set your arena defense as low as allowed and hope no one skips u

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Remember basically no one plays in the platinum 1-2 range

Yes, they want the entry to get trainers daily but do not want to finish high in there league

Funny thing is even entering to do 1 attack gives them what 5k trophies? Lol

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