Challenge for everyone who consider himself a great player =)


Would you be able to beat this team? If yes - with which team?

+30 crit, huge ap on attack, +30 crit when health above 70%

very large ap on attack, +30 defense, stun

very large ap on attack, +30 defense and ap down

Huge ap on attack, +35 defense , abs

huge ap on attack, 24 defense, ap down

@CombatDevIl You sir can use your three Shivas :smiley:


@Final-Boss @Wanderer @TheSurvivor @Justabox @FoeHammer @LadyGeek @Goddess @Akearns @Kanaima @Lockdown
I dare you, I double dare you, ladies and gentlemen!


And a big shout out to my friend @Mrmonopoly since we’ve met on vk recently :smiley:


I’d go balls deep on that team


So you’re saying he may be cheating? Naaah, I’m not accusing anyone haha jk :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I do not really understand the meaning of that idiom… Are you exited to fight him or something like that? Sorry !


I would most likely 5-0 that team


Lol, you English version of his weapons or are they all, windowless options on def?


Ran this against Coosa with same line up. 3 stuns, pop zeke and Priya asap.

When about 20% 5-0. 80% 4-0. 20% loss.


He describes them in the pictures


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Can you please share your team? His toons tiered up to 4, so does yours?


Ah my bad didn’t see them, in that case Yeh I could easily, hit zeke first turn if I get lucky I stun him with my stun weapon if not oh well, second turn same tactic, if he dies Il hit Carl, 3rd turn my doc Stevens will go giving me all my ars and then it’s easy from there




If it was windowless that be a problem, but then I have the option of defending first turn if my Carl doesn’t stun his abs defence first hit then using shivas active to stun and build ar, same tactic then


Just being honest, I see you losing doc Stephens turn 1. No shield, 5* toon, against green 6*s. For sure don’t see him lasting to turn 3.

This is what id likely use. 3 stun weapons(shiva claw is one), plus guardian to rob ARs. He isn’t using a shield, so I can drop the stun on shiva. SR zeke will get his AR before anyone on that team does, so when Carl, etc go off, it just feeds me(huge AP when defending lead) and Vincent clears defense buffs, so that’s not an issue either. He doesn’t have any real damage on that team, except shiva and you just stay on her with your stun when attacking weapons/shiva’s active skill, and let the weak attacks from the other characters build your ARs


Carl and abs may help him a lot though, yet it’s random


They don’t seem to target him, they split between my barker and him, as he has extra def on his weapon he will always survive turn 1 in my experience especially due to Carl, anyway all I need his ar to go off once, then he’s disposable


well deserved and happy retirement, doc! =)


Does that experience include a mess of tier 4 green 6*s though? That’s my thing, I don’t think that he has the stats to take a hit from shiva, especially if it’s a critical hit