Challenge for attack team / add crit resist mod


why not adding ‘crit resist’ mod like stun/impair/confuse resist mod. To block disarm by chance… special weapons thats so hard to craft can be disarm so quick. this will be great not just for f2p players but also a challenge for p2p players…


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Something about disarming the defenses with crit mods


I think it’s another one of these “nerf disarm” people.


G i t g u d


He’s just asking for ‘crit resist’ mod, which would block disarm, or Guardian shields, anything that requires a crit hit to activate. We’ve got stun/impair/taunt/heal reduc/atk down/def down/maim/bleed/burn/confuse resists, add in crit? Sure, why not.




Apparently we know the response of players with Michonne or Bruce. :man_shrugging:

Everything else is RNG, add some more! :crazy_face:


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