Challenge and Puzzle


If I could award coins (cough missing feature cough) I would give 50 for this.

First one that can name my Avatar wins. This is not easy.


Solenoid Robots, from Roger Ramjet.
I confess, I cheated. But I do remember that being on tv after school when I was a kid.
Great, now I’ve got a fragmented version of the theme song stick in my head. :frowning:


You bastard now I have the theme song in my head - did you have to mention it? - buzz click. If I could send 50 coins (cough) @SteveSanguine wins.


Your Avatar is Gene - what an amazing actor.


Right!? :smiley: Devastated that he had to retire. I feel like he had so much more awesomeness to share with the world.

:musical_note: Roger Ramjet he’s our man! Hero of our nation. For his adventures just be sure and stay tuned to our station! :musical_note:


Now I will have that tune running for weeks - you had to add the lyrics :slight_smile:


@ProphetOfRage now my fate is sealed - to try to sleep with that darn tune running in my head. I curse you all :slight_smile: Sorry I even mentioned this. The animation is poor but I still remember the show as a yout.

Bonus question - where was yout first coined on cinema?